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Survival of the Fittest: 7 Ways to Prepare Your Business to Work from Home

Your Handy COVID-19 Survival Guide

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is causing a great deal of anxiety and panic across the globe.

Working remotely is about to become more than a trend.

However, the decision to work remotely should come after careful preparation, ensuring you have the right tools to protect your workforce and your business whilst you’re away from the office.


covid-work-from-home-11. Start practising now

If you aren’t already, allow your team to work flexibly.

It'll be far easier to work out the systems and processes you need to put into place if you ease your way into remote work.

Start practising now by letting people work from home. This will give you insight into the areas you need to strengthen before working from home is no longer just an option.




covid-work-from-home-22. Stay happy, healthy & productive (even in your pyjamas!)

Just your because you're not in the office doesn't mean work should stop. In fact, research shows remote employees are more productive than office employees.

Put trusted Cloud-based tools, such as Microsoft Office 365 in place, and see the results for yourself...



covid-work-from-home-33. Keep connected anywhere

With everything in the Cloud, there's no excuse to switch off.

Access what you need, anytime & anywhere you need it.

Manage important phone calls from home through a hosted VoIP phone solution such as Horizon & keep in touch with colleagues and customers.




covid-work-from-home-44. Stay on top of your emails

It's important that your customers don't panic and think you've forgot about them so make sure to communicate.

Never miss an email, thanks to Microsoft Outlook.

Keep updated with all your critical business emails via your PC and/or mobile.




covid-work-from-home-55. Work on the go

Take advantage of Microsoft Office 365 where all your trusted apps can be found in one place.

Receive calls via mobile apps & access all apps, data and desktops with a single sign-on.

Store & share files to your heart's content with OneDrive.




covid-work-from-home66. Manage your fleet from home in real-time

If you're managing a fleet of vehicles, rich real-time reporting can easily help keep track of drivers out on the road.

WEBFLEET lets you know where your vehicles are, and how they are being used, from any mobile device.

Mobile Maxoptra Route Optimisation is also perfect to help you plan, dispatch & control jobs.




covid-work-from-home-77. Have faith in your people!

The bottom line is that your structure has to reflect a level of trust in your people.

Working remotely inherently requires letting go of a measure of control since you can't see what everyone is doing all the time.

You hired this team for a reason, and now it's time to empower them to succeed!

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