NEC SL2100 | Communicate Better

NEC SL2100

Create an 'On Demand' Workforce

More than just a phone

More than just a phone

The NEC SL2100 is an intelligent, cost-effective phone solution that will prove to be a perfect fit for your business.

  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • Highly cost effective - because there's more built-in
  • Unlimited users
  • Expanded and diverse portfolio of InApps
Always working on the go

Always working on the go


Voice & Video Mobile Extension

Easily make and receive voice and video calls from your smartphone.

Integrates into your smartphone contacts
Complete call history
Bluetooth headset support
Video calling

Why is the NEC SL2100 right for you?

✓ Huge cost savings


✓ Flexible and highly scalable


✓ Quick & easy setup


✓ No downtime



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