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VT2000 HD Camera

Forward Facing Vehicle CCTV

A Watchful Eye

A Watchful Eye

The VT2000 is a full HD 1080P connected vehicle telematics camera, featuring instant remote cloud upload, live view snapshots, automatic health checking, built-in GPS/GLONASS, designed to deliver high-quality videos of incidents instantly to the TomTom platform.


✓  Industry-leading, connected and HD-quality vehicle camera and telematics system
✓  High-quality super-wide viewing angle

✓  Provides HD images before, during and after an incident

✓  Monitor driver behaviour from anywhere using the TomTom platform
✓  Provides First Notification FNOL of Loss (FNOL) alerts

✓  Accurate G-shock sensors measures impact force and driving style
✓  Built-in GPS and GLONASS receiver with self-checking notifications

Connected at all times

Connected at all times

Stay on top of everything that's happening out on the road, at all times.


✓  Immediate access to speed, G-Force, images and videos when an incident occurs

✓  Powerful Cloud-based software

✓  Real-time monitoring of vehicles & driver behaviour

✓  Compatible with all devices

✓  Auto checking

✓  Auto formatting




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