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OptiDrive 360

Introduce a cost-saving driving style using telematics by Communicate Better

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Adapt your fleet for the Better

Adapt your fleet for the Better

OptiDrive 360 actively provides real-time feedback and advice to improve driving performance.

Fleet managers and drivers get tailored driving insights on up to 8 OptiDrive 360 performance indicators.

Improve driving habits

Improve driving habits

Speeding - Information about what the speed limit is, and if drivers are driving within it

Driving events - Reports on harsh steering and sudden braking

Idling - Information on idling time and associated fuel waste

Fuel - Real-time and average fuel consumption

Safer driver behaviour

Safer driver behaviour

Constant speed - Reports on speed fluctuations in driving performance

Coasting - Drivers can be advised to release the accelerator when approaching a coasting zone

Green speed - Get an advised speed, based on fuel efficiency and the speed limit

Gear shift - Advice on how appropriate gear changing can optimise vehicle efficiency

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