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Vehicle Cameras

HD Camera Solutions

Webfleet Video

Webfleet Video
(CAM 50)

Integrated video solution that identifies risky driving habits


VisionTrack and Webfleet integrated vehicle camera solution

VisionTrack and Webfleet integration

Fully connected vehicle tracking and camera solution


DVS 2020

DVS: Check Your Star Rating ★

Find out how we can help you get your DVS Safety Permit


Our solutions

A real-time 4G-Connected, HD 360° solution that fully integrates into our telematics services.



Forward Facing Camera




HD Side-view Camera


VT2000 HD Camera


Rear-View Camera


VT5500/ VT5500-4G

VT5500/ VT5500-4G

5-channel 4G-Connected HD Mobile DVR


Forward facing cameras

A wide selection of vehicle cameras, perfect for a fleet of any size.

VT3000 HD Camera

VT3000 HD Camera

Forward Facing Connected Camera


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