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Logbook & Advanced Fleet Management


Advanced fleet management, including a superior PRO driving terminal. Improve sales effectiveness with the SalesCloud app to better manage appointments.


About the Logbook App

webfleet-logbook-clean→  Smartphone and tablet app for your drivers, available on the Google Play Store (Android™) and on the Apple App Store (iOS)
→  Trip data is generated by TomTom LINK, automatically
→  Easy app for the driver to validate the trip information

→  Trip details

  • Contact person for the job
  • Purpose of the journey
  • Any other comment
  • Reason for changes

→  Odometer setting: Drivers are able to adjust the odometer settings to make sure that the electronic records and the vehicle odometer information are aligned. Especially useful for trips involving road tunnels and parking garages.
→  To save time: TomTom WEBFLEET Logbook gives Suggestions. This feature provides you with suggested trip selection from the history of your previous entries to make the process of recording your mileage even quicker.


Trip Report: Logbook Generated Automatically



Your trip report can be downloaded at any time in WEBFLEET. In addition, through the Logbook App, the driver has the option to send the trip report to an e-mail account.

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