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FF500 Dual HD Camera

Reliable Dual HD Witness Camera System

A Simple Solution

A Simple Solution

The FF500 is a low cost, feature packed dual camera system designed for commercial vehicles.

Whilst the forward facing 170° pillar-to-pillar front camera records the drivers eye view of the road the second camera can be positioned to record the driver, rear view or load area simultaneously.

Its revolutionary file system prevents memory corruption from power fluctuations and low voltage protection stops the camera draining the vehicle battery when on parking mode.

Using its inbuilt WIFI interface the FF500 makes the playback and downloading of footage a fast and simple task using the app available for Apple or Android devices.

Apple, Android and Windows Playback

Apple, Android and Windows Playback

Downloading video footage from the FF500 can be done using the WIFI interface and connecting to the camera via the smart phone app or by removing the SD card for playback in a Windows PC.

The applications allow video footage to be quickly reviewed and any clips of incidents to be exported in standard file formats for sending to third parties, insurers or the police.

Geforce data is synced with the video allowing the severity of incidents to be gauged. When coupled with the optional GPS antenna, speed and location are also displayed.

No Format Storage System

No Format Storage System

One of the biggest concerns with witness cameras is the need to frequently format them which involves removing the card, formatting it and replacing it within the camera.

For fleets it is recommended that the SD card is formatted every two weeks to help prevent memory corruption and loss of footage. This can be a major headache with costly consequences if it is forgotten.

The FF500 uses the latest file structure technology which never needs maintenance formatting. By storing video in 1 second chunks the camera is highly resistant to memory corruption even on standard SD cards.

Fast & Simple Installation

Fast & Simple Installation

The FF500 is supplied with a hard wiring kit for permanent installation and a cigarette adapter for temporary installation.

Needing only a live and earth the camera can be fitted very quickly, both cameras are fixed using special non-damaging sticky pads. For protection whilst parked the camera can be configured to only record when movement is detected to maximise storage capacity.

This clever little camera includes low-voltage shutdown technology which turns the camera off when the vehicle battery gets too low. Professional nationwide installation is available at competitive rates ensuring minimal vehicle downtime and a fuss free implementation.

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