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TomTom LINK 510

Vehicle tracking device with advanced integration by Communicate Better

The TomTom LINK 510 is designed to connect with the vehicles in your fleet. Our top-of-the-range tracking device with digital in- and outputs supports your vehicles’ FMS interface and works in sync with your digital tachograph. That means you’ll get all the data you need to minimise costs, maximise productivity – and keep your customers happy.

Comply with driving hours legislation

Comply with driving hours legislation

Connect the LINK 510 to the vehicle’s digital tachograph and monitor important driving and working time information.

  • Choose drivers that have enough time left behind the wheel to complete the next job
  • Simplify working time registration for drivers and co-drivers – all the necessary information can be viewed in WEBFLEET reports
  • Increase drivers’ safety by making sure they follow driving time legislation
Save on fuel

Save on fuel

Because the LINK 510 can be connected to your vehicles’ FMS interface, it gives you the data you need to improve fuel efficiency.

Monitor fuel consumption and fuel level, promote a greener driving style to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions with driving performance measurement, Detect idling and get reports about over-revving.

Protect your assets

Protect your assets

Enhance your vehicle and driver security by connecting the LINK 510 to your vehicle using digital input/output.

  • Keep drivers and cargo secure with remote door lock functionality
  • Enforce driver identification to register who is behind the wheel
  • Increase the security of your drivers with an emergency button
  • Detect fuel level fluctuation
Improve your customer service

Improve your customer service

Keep your customers informed every step of the way.

Provide your customers with the industry’s most reliable arrival-time information, inform your customers straight away if there will be a delay and give them a new ETA, get automated reports on arrival times, time spent on the road and the route driven – and prove your compliance with SLAs.

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