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5G EE for Business

EE is the UK’s no.1 network seven years in a row and now it's no.1 for 5G, too.

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EE introduces 5G...

5G Fast Speed

Super-fast speeds

Everything you do will be noticeably quicker. Transfer large business files in seconds, rather than minutes or hours. The possibilities for your business are endless.


5G Busy Places

Better in busy places

5G can deliver, even in heavily crowded areas. The 5G network has more capacity than 4G, which means better connections in busy places.


5G Instant Connection

Instant connection

5G uses higher frequencies than 4G, which means it can move faster and carry more information. At speeds of 1Gbps, you will notice a real difference.


EE benefits

UK’s best overall network

EE is the UK’s no.1 Network for the seventh year in a row and has the UK’s no.1 5G network over any other major UK network.

EE benefits

UK’s fastest network

EE have the fastest speeds in the UK according to RootMetrics.

EE benefits

UK’s most reliable network

5G in more places than any other network in the UK and are rolling out our 5G network faster than anyone else.



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