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How to Manage Microsoft Teams Notifications

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How to receive notifications

Not receiving important updates from your colleagues within Microsoft Teams? You'll need to switch on your notifications.


1. Select 'Teams' on the left-hand navigational bar



2. Once you have a desired 'Teams' open, click the three dot 'more options' icon



3. From the drop-down list, choose 'Channel notifications'



4. A popup will then appear. In the section for 'All new posts', select the drop-down option



5. Choose 'Banner and feed'



6. Also select 'Include all replies' so you don't miss anything important



7. Remember to click 'Save' and then you're done!



You will need to repeat this process for every 'Teams' you are part of to receive important notifications.



If you require further assistance, please email or call 0333 043 4000.