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Communicate Better acquires Vision Communications

Jul 24, 2018

Communicate Better acquires Vision Communications 2018

Communicate Better has expanded its business following the acquisition of Vision Communications.

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5 Lessons Fleet Managers Can Learn From Sport Leaders

Mar 14, 2018


There are valuable lessons to take away from the sporting world.

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Self-Driving Trucks Have Arrived - Watch Them in Action

Mar 8, 2018


Uber's autonomous vehicles are moving cargo for customers of their commercial cargo shipping app.

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5 Key Things All Fleet Managers Should Know

Mar 5, 2018


Keen to run a smooth operation? Here are some nuggets of information all fleet managers should know.

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New TomTom WEBFLEET: The Good, the Really Good, and the Crazy Good Things You Need to Know About It

Feb 6, 2018

From managers and dispatchers in the office, to drivers out on the road, everyone can achieve more together with Communicate Better Telematics by TomTom.

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The New TomTom WEBFLEET is Coming... And it's Smoking Hot!

Jan 16, 2018

The world is not ready for this. A shiny new TomTom WEBFLEET platform is landing, and we're itching to see it in action.

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31% of UK Businesses are Slow in Adopting New Technology: Don't Be Like Them

Sep 25, 2017

Should costs be holding you back when it comes to accepting new technology? New TomTom Telematics research says no.

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Your Quick Guide: 9 Steps to Improve Driver Behaviour

Aug 15, 2017

Being able to manage and improve driver behaviour is a key goal for any fleet manager. Better behaviour out on the road means safer driving, reduced risks, and greater rewards including significant fuel savings.

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Communicate Better Leaves 'Total Hygiene' Flushed with Success

Jun 6, 2017

Communicate Better have washed out the complications for our friends at Total Hygiene (Clos-o-Mat) - a leading supplier of specialist wash and dry toilets for the elderly and disabled.

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7 Ways Communicate Better Can Improve Productivity Of Your Fleet

Mar 22, 2017

Read our shiny, new whitepaper to learn how Communicate Better can help boost productivity within your workforce and deliver results.

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Google Maps Now Helps You Find Where You Parked Your Car

Mar 21, 2017

Never lose your head or your car ever again. Google Maps now lets you record your parking location and time left at the meter.

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Why Moving To The Cloud Will NOT Boost Productivity

Feb 9, 2017

Ready for some honesty? Sure, the Cloud can bring teams together and keep work flowing wherever and whenever you want, but simply being in the Cloud does not guarantee results.

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Flying Cars May Be A Thing… Very Soon: Uber Has Big Plans

Nov 2, 2016

No, you didn’t misread the headline... having a fleet of flying cars may be the next big thing for businesses, according to high-fliers Uber.

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Is B2B the new frontier for app development?

Jun 3, 2015

No matter what you’re looking for these days, as the saying goes ‘there’s an app for that’.

The world is awash with a huge variety of apps designed for a multitude of different purposes, from Candy Crush to an app that allows you to pop virtual pimples.

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Telemarketing Performance of the Quarter

Apr 11, 2015

Congratulations to Corey Vickers for a consistent performance across quarter four of our financial year.

Corey has produced some fantastic opportunities which have seen a great return to the business. This has resulted in him leading the rest of the Telemarketing team for the quarter.

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Six Ways in Which Fleet Management Technology Can Make Your Drivers’ Lives Easier

Jul 14, 2014

Communicate Better understand how Fleet management technology brings many benefits to drivers as well as fleet managers. Take a typical day out with a driver in our latest infographic and find out the six main ways in which it can make your drivers’ lives significantly easier.

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Dec 4, 2018


Just finished writing up your Christmas wish list? You may want to add these little tech gems.

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Quiz: Can You Identify this Old School Technology?

Dec 4, 2018


Do you know your floppy disk from your USB stick? How many of these iconic pieces of technology do you remember?

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Samsung's New Folding Phone comes at a Price

Nov 12, 2018


The Samsung Galaxy X won't come cheap, but is it worth the price tag?

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