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Sofology operate a fleet of more than 70 commercial vehicles from six distribution centres around the country. On a mission to complete 500 deliveries a day and more than 3,000 deliveries each week, they were in need of a simple solution to manage their operations. The sofa specialists previously relied on a centralised planning system. However, this came with its own problems, including little customisation of delivery routes and not being alerted on real-time incidents.


To enable Sofology to manage rich, new scheduling and route planning technology through a simple and cost-effective solution, that in turn, increases customer satisfaction levels.


Communicate Better delivered a customisable system, making it easier for Sofology to allocate and dispatch specific jobs or routes to drivers depending on their operational needs. We offered better visibility and flexibility for the fleet by the implementation of a 'track and trace' screen that provides reliable, real-time information. This also means that Sofology can now clearly monitor the performance of vehicles and groups of vehicles in certain locations.


Since the implementation of our solutions, Sofology has noted a 17% increase in productivity levels, as well as an overwhelming 28% in fuel savings. There has also been a rise in fleet satisfaction levels, with drivers feeling more comfortable whilst out on the road. Inevitably, this has improved customer service thanks to more accurate and on-time deliveries, saving both time and costs.


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We've gained a very cost-effective solution that offers us the flexibility to increase and decrease our fleet as necessary, and allows us to easily share real time information using 'track and trace', giving visibility of how each vehicle or team is performing.

Ian Millard, Group Transport Manager

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