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L'Oréal are the Queen of cosmetics innovation, crowned as the number one beauty player in the UK and Ireland with over 30 international brands and growing.

With over 4,000 employees in a fast-changing world, Loreal must be quick, reliable, and constantly evolve as they strive to stay one step ahead of the competition.



To empower L'Oréal to manage a smart, highly secure phone solution that saves time, increases productivity, and delivers a return on investment.



Communicate Better introduced a powerful, flexible phone solution that enables the team at L'Oréal to connect and collaborate across multiple sites.

With everything hosted in the Cloud, we empowered staff to work remotely and easily manage calls through a simple interface, no matter the time or location.

We have eradicated the need for a physical infrastructure, minimised any unnecessary expenses, and seamlessly integrated the solution with their CRM platform.

The team can also improve customer experience by taking advantage of key features such as call control, click to dial and call recording - all at the click of a button.



Since the implementation of Communicate Better's solutions, L'Oréal have reported 27% in time savings thanks to better call management and seamless CRM integration.

We've revolutionised the infrastructure at L'Oréal - installing both hardware and software - and reducing expenditure by 14%.

L'Oréal have further noted a 33% productivity increase across their multiple sites and over 12% greater customer satisfaction levels. 


33% productivity increase for L'Oréal

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