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Industrial Metal Services


Industrial Metal Services - recognised as one of the UK’s largest structural steel stockholders and processors - have over 40 years of service behind them. IMS deliver rich steel, used in large-scale construction, engineering and architectural projects across the country. Staying at the top of their game in such a competitive market requires IMS to get to grips with unbeatable technology to manage their IT, Mobile, Telephony and Telematics services.


To empower Industrial Metal Services to manage a smart, reliable, and fully converged technology solution that proves simple and cost-effective, and ultimately, increases productivity.


Communicate Better delivered a powerful, hosted telephony solution that simplifies call management. Multiple fibre lines bridge together multiple sites for the steel stockholders, providing high security. Out on the road, a fleet – built up of more than 60 vehicles – is able to complete over 400 deliveries a day, thanks to Communicate Better’s sharp new, vehicle scheduling and tracking technology through TomTom Telematics. Jobs can be easily allocated in real-time, based on quickest arrival times, through Maxoptra route optimisation - enabling drivers to anticipate traffic delays and ensure customer satisfaction. The work can keep flowing both in and out of the office, with teams being able to easily create and share files whilst on the move. Communicate Better's rich disaster recovery programme allows IMS to plan ahead for a rapid recovery in the event of a crisis, and keep all their critical data securely backed up in the Cloud.


Since the implementation of Communicate Better’s game-changing solutions, IMS has generated a staggering £250,000 a year in savings, and seen an uplift in fleet productivity by over 31%. Communicate Better has revolutionised their infrastructure - installing both hardware and software - yet still reducing their expenditure by 16%. With tools we all know and trust, there’s no surprise that this has led to 27% in time savings. Inevitably, IMS has noted greater customer satisfaction and increased profits.


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By keeping businesses updated with more accurate arrival times, and seamlessly adjusting our work schedules as traffic delays or other problems occur, we have dramatically improved our customers’ experience - thanks to Communicate Better. We're absolutely delighted, and the results speak for themselves.

Mark Williams
Operations Director, Industrial Metal Services

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