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Elis provide textile rental and laundry services across Europe.

A fleet of over 480 HGVs and 270 LCVs complete 5,000 deliveries a day to UK restaurants, hotels, hospitals and manufacturers.

Elis were determined to improve driver safety and fleet sustainability, and so required a centrally-managed integrated solution.



To empower Elis to manage a smart, integrated fleet management solution that saves time and fuel, increases productivity, and delivers a return on investment.



The WEBFLEET fleet management platform has combined all the functionality Elis needs – telematics, cameras, mileage auditing, fleet data reporting and transport management – on a single interface.

The company now has one accurate, real time version of the truth across its fleet, and a complete risk management audit trail.

With OptiDrive 360, drivers can now gain real-time feedback and coaching, notifying them when they are driving inefficiently or unsafely via their driver terminals and scoring them based on their performance.

360° HD camera footage can be viewed and monitored directly from the Webfleet interface.

If events occur as a result of evasive action, taken to avoid accidents, camera footage will support the drivers. In other cases, advice or training may be offered, or disciplinary action taken, to help improve driving performance.



Since the implementation of Webfleet, Elis have significantly reduced overall fleet mileage by 24%.

These improvements have helped Elis cut carbon emissions by more than 2,000 tonnes and achieve over £1.8 million cost savings in fuel.

Meanwhile, OptiDrive 360 has helped reduce incidences of inefficient or unsafe driving by 58%, vehicle idling by 76% and has eradicated speeding.

Rich reporting has helped save £1.2 million in insurance claims handling costs.


"With Webfleet, we’re futureproofed. The solution is one of the best investments we've ever made - the figures speak for themselves. It's a total win-win – for us, our drivers, our insurers and the environment."


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