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Devon Freewheelers



Devon Freewheelers are a team of emergency voluntary GMP trained riders, drivers, call handlers and fundraisers.

They are dedicated to providing a 24/7 service, supporting the NHS in delivering essential whole blood and other medical samples to hospitals and patients.

In recent times, they have noted an increase in demand which has placed more pressure on staff to balance high service levels with operational administration.

Devon Freewheelers require robust lines of communication so they can ensure the right vehicles are in the right place at the right time.

Previously, they have relied heavily on a mix of both digital and paper-based systems to manage their vehicles and workflow.



To empower Devon Freewheelers to manage a smart, reliable, and fully paperless solution that streamlines operations, boosts workflow, and meets compliance.



A smart Webfleet fleet management solution was introduced to help improve workflow, order management and compliance reporting.

With Webfleet, office staff can monitor vehicle location and digitally dispatch orders to the field operatives, thanks to automatic routing information, taking account of live traffic information, sent directly to their PRO driver terminals.

A bespoke waterproof PRO driver terminal has been adapted for motorbike use.

Webfleet also allows Devon Freewheelers’ patients and partners to receive real-time ETAs, along with recorded timestamps of deliveries and collections.



Since the implementation of Webfleet fleet management, Devon Freewheelers have noted a significant increase in real-time vehicle visibility which has boosted fleet efficiency.

The team at Devon Freewheelers can now provide excellent levels of support to clients, offering live updates and a digital view of vehicle locations.

Charity founder and trustee, Daniel Roe-Lavery, commented: "It’s difficult to estimate ROI when we are in the business of saving lives, but we can say that without the use of Webfleet technology, around 50 lives would have been lost."



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"Our past paper-based approach became inefficient and resulted in extra admin, operational headaches and the duplication of data.

"We needed a technology-driven solution that could help us to achieve our KPIs and streamline our operation."

John Conway
Operations Manager, Devon Freewheelers

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