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Total Hygiene (Clos-o-Mat)


Total Hygiene - known to be one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist sanitary equipment - operate a fleet of more than 18 vehicles and turned to Communicate Better to help simplify fleet management.


To empower Total Hygiene to manage rich, new scheduling and route planning technology through a simple and cost-effective solution, that in turn, increases productivity.


Communicate Better delivered a fully customisable system, enabling Total Hygiene to improve driver experience whilst out on the road. We offered better visibility and flexibility for the fleet through the implementation of a 'track and trace' screen that provides reliable, real-time information. The workforce are now able to allocate and dispatch specific jobs or routes to drivers depending on their operational needs. This also means that Total Hygiene can now clearly monitor the performance of vehicles and groups of vehicles in certain locations, allowing them to step back and observe the bigger picture


Since the implementation of Communicate Better’s solutions, Total Hygiene have reported significantly less wasted time out on the road; the workforce can now move from job to job without having to make unnecessary trips back to the office. With real-time and historical tracking, Total Hygiene can avoid congestion and select the quickest, most efficient route – resulting in over 31% in fuel savings and increased productivity.


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Communicate Better’s solutions have helped save valuable time out on the road, meaning our engineers can now move from job to job without having to make unnecessary trips back to the office.

Michael Delaney
Total Hygiene (Clos-o-mat)

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