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St Jude's Primary School


St Jude’s Primary School is at the heart of Wigan - bringing together pupils, staff, parents and the wider St Jude’s community.


To empower St Jude's Primary School to manage a highly secure, hosted telephone solution that proves simple and cost-effective.


When implementing our solutions for St Jude's, teacher and staff safety became paramount.

Communicate Better introduced a secure LG iPECS eMG80 phone solution, enabling calls to flow in and out of the school.

The St Jude's staff can now easily manage and monitor calls from the comfort of their desk. They can take full advantage of features such as auto attendant and call recording.

Staff can prioritise calls, with our solution being able to cope with the high demands of a school environment.

Communicate Better also implemented a rich tannoy system to help deliver alerts and announcements across the school.

Fully protected by our disaster recovery solution, St Jude's are in safe hands and able to focus on the real work.


Since the implementation of our solutions, St Jude's Primary School have noted a huge 37% uplift in time savings.

Staff can keep up with calls and shift their attention to the school's other responsibilities.

Communicate Better's flexible and reliable solution has helped cut costs by over 15%.


We are delighted with Communicate Better's service and ongoing support when it comes to managing our telephony. They go above and beyond to answer any questions and offer help when we need it. We could not be happier!

Angela Shaw
Business Manager, St Jude's Primary School

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