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Onpoint Logistics


Onpoint Logistics is a leading logistics and haulage company that specialises in the movement, storage, and logistical support of time critical freight for manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe.

With a fleet of over 60 vehicles, ranging from vans to 44 tonne trucks, Onpoint Logistics provide time critical transport to well-known corporations such as BT, Virgin Media, and Fujitsu, amongst others.



To empower Onpoint Logistics to manage a smart, time-saving technology solution that ultimately proves cost-effective and increases productivity.



Communicate Better introduced rich scheduling, fleet planning and asset utilisation technology through a simple and cost-effective solution.

Now, the team at Onpoint Logistics can easily manage and monitor their fleet in real-time.

A smart 360-degree vehicle camera system helps offer visibility and improve driver behaviour.

24/7 automated reporting and asset tracking from the Webfleet LINK 340 also ensures that the team always know how their vehicles are being used.

With Communicate Better’s solution, Onpoint Logistics also benefit from high-speed data, free and constant upgrades, as well as dedicated support and maintenance.



Since the implementation of Communicate Better's solution, Onpoint Logistics have reported 34% in fuel savings.

Meanwhile, rich high-speed data and connectivity ensures there is no downtime and has helped boost productivity by over 14%.

This has left more money in the the piggy bank, allowing Onpoint Logistics to invest further in their business.

The dedicated service and support from Communicate Better has helped build a lifelong relationship with Onpoint Logistics and long may it continue…



"We're delighted with the service and support by Communicate Better. They have helped revitalise our fleet by enabling us to save time and money. We could not be happier!"

Carl Delaney
Managing Director, Onpoint Logistics

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