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Greenbank Property Services


Greenbank Property Services - recognised as one of the leading property advisors in the North West - help simplify the process of selling, purchasing or renting a property. The nature of their business requires them to be quick and responsive to meet the needs of their clients... enter Communicate Better.


To enable Greenbank Property Services to manage a smart, reliable, and fully converged technology solution that proves simple and cost-effective, and ultimately, increases productivity.


Communicate Better delivered a powerful, hosted telephone system solution, simplifying call management, and ensuring that business never has to stop. The team at Greenbank can now easily monitor calls from the comfort of their desk. Moreover, high quality control is also ensured, with the ability to record, store and search calls.


Since the implementation of Communicate Better’s solutions, Greenbank Property Services have noted a 35% increase in team cohesion and productivity levels, significantly reducing time (21% time savings) and costs (27% cost savings). Inevitably, this has led to greater customer satisfaction (46% increase) and increased profits.


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Not only have Communicate Better’s solutions proven to be cost effective for us, they have also reformed our customer service levels. The friendly, and professional support team at Communicate Better have been quick, thorough and committed in answering any questions we’ve faced. We’re thrilled to have them by our side.

Joanne Mooney
Greenbank Property Services

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