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Tech or Treat! 5 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 4, 2021

Looking for a tech-inspired Halloween costume? Look no further.

Here, Communicate Better brings you five costume ideas to impress your friends and colleagues this Halloween.

Halloween best technology costume ideas


1. Dead Battery and No Wi-fi

Let's be honest, nothing is more terrifying than a dead battery or no Wi-Fi!

halloween tech costume ideas - dead battery and low wi-fi


2. GPS Location pin

One that works great with two people. Become Point A or Point B.

halloween tech costume ideas - google maps


3. Copycat

"Ctrl+C" is the keyboard shortcut that lets you copy stuff so why not dress up as a copycat?

halloween tech costume ideas - ctrl+c copycat


4. Phishing Email

Phishing emails are a serious matter (except on Halloween)

halloween tech costume ideas - phishing emails


5. Clippy

Go retro with Microsoft's infamous Office Assistant.

halloween tech costume ideas - paper clip costume


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