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iPhone 13: Everything We Know So Far (2021 Release Date, Features, Rumours, Prices)

Sep 8, 2021

Your next dose of iPhone is just days away. Apple will unveil its 2021 iPhone line-up on Tuesday 14th September, and we couldn't be more excited if we tried.

Following tradition, the tech giant is expected to release four new devices - including two higher-end 'Pro' models and two pocket-friendly, more affordable devices.

iPhone 13 release date, price, features and specifications

From a 120Hz LTPO display to a smaller notch, improved battery life and a camera upgrade, the iPhone 13 rumour mill has been running for the past few months.

Here, Communicate Better rounds up everything you need to know.


Release date: When will iPhone 13 be released?

iPhone 13 models - 2021 Apple release

It's official. Apple is holding a "California Streaming" event on Tuesday 14th September.

The event will likely preview the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 models. We'll be live tweeting during the unveiling so make sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates.

According to reports, and if tradition is anything to go by, the new models will be available to pre-order from Friday 17th September, and on sale by Friday 24th September.

Apple Event - California Streaming - iPhone 13 launch day


Price: How much will the iPhone 13 models cost?

There are differing reports on the price of the iPhone 13 line-up.

Whilst some reports suggest a similar price to the iPhone 12 range, other leaks claim Apple plans to raise its prices due to a global chip shortage.

Here is last year's pricing structure to give you a good indication of what we could be looking at:

iPhone 12 mini - £699

iPhone 12 - £799

iPhone 12 Pro - £999

iPhone 12 Pro Max - £1,099


Design: What will the iPhone 13 range look like?

iPhone 13 size and design

When it comes to design improvements, we're not expecting a major overhaul.

In fact, the new iPhones will reportedly be the same size as the iPhone 12 models, meaning we can expect a 5.4-inch iPhone mini, a 6.1-inch low-cost iPhone, a 6.1-inch Pro model, and a 6.7-inch Pro Max model.

Interestingly, the iPhone 13 range is expected to be slightly heavier due to larger batteries.

Apple is integrating the SIM slot with the mainboard and reducing the front optical module thickness to provide more space for the battery. This means longer battery life.

iPhone 13 battery life

The iPhone 13 models may also feature stronger magnets inside and a different matte finish on the outside. Rumours suggest the upcoming iPhones will come in a matte black colour option that will replace Space Grey, along with a new stainless steel coating that reduces smudges and fingerprints.

The iPhone 13's Face ID transmitter is said to be made from a plastic material instead of glass, made possible thanks to improved coating technologies, but it is not clear if this will have end-user benefits or if it will simply mean a reduction in production cost for Apple.


Camera upgrade: iPhone 13 camera features

iPhone 13 camera

One key aspect of iPhone that is always highlighted is the camera, and this year is no different.

This year, we can expect a new diagonal camera arrangement for the iPhone 13, a smaller notch, and a larger camera module for the iPhone 13 Pro.

An exciting release is "Cinematic Video" - a video version of iPhone's portrait mode - which will allow you to capture videos that focus on a person, blurring out the background. This is likely to appeal to professional videographers and pro users.

You'll also be able to record in a higher-quality ProRes video format (similar to the ProRAW photo version). ProRes videos are designed for professional video editors and will result in large file sizes with HD and 4K resolution options.

iPhone cinematic video feature for professional video editors

For photos, Apple is developing a filters-like system that's meant to improve the look and colors of photos. iPhone users will be able to choose from multiple styles to apply to their photos, and while the iPhone already offers a range of photos, this new feature will apply changes to objects and people more precisely using artificial intelligence rather than enhancing the entire picture.

Sensor-shift stabilisation across the full 2021 iPhone range will offer improvements in low light performance and camera stabilisation.

High-end iPhone models will get an upgraded Ultra Wide camera with a six-element lens and an improved f/1.8 aperture that will let in more light than the current f/2.4 aperture lens, allowing for better performance in low-light conditions.

iPhone 13 Pro ultra wide camera

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max will also include an upgraded Ultra Wide camera with autofocus, an upgrade over the fixed focal length Ultra Wide camera in the iPhone 12 models. The autofocus feature will allow for sharper images regardless of the distance that a subject is from the lens.

When it comes to camera design, the rear camera unit may increase in size by 0.9mm on all iPhone 13 models. The camera bump is expected to remain, but individual lenses may protrude less with the new design.


Features and Specs: What's new?

iPhone 13 camera and features

120Hz ProMotion Display

At least two - most likely the Pro - 2021 iPhone models will use OLED displays with low-power LTPO backplane technology, which will pave the way for 120Hz refresh rates.

LTPO offers a more power efficient backplane, which turns the individual pixels on and off on the display, and allows for better battery life.


A15 Processor

Apple will use a 5nm+ A15 chip for the 2021 iPhones, offering greater speed and efficiency.


Ready for iPhone 13? Stay with Communicate Better for future updates, leaks, and reviews.


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