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5 Things the Euros Teaches Us About Business

Jul 6, 2021

After a challenging year, the Euros have brought millions of people together in celebration.

Whether you're a football fan or not, there's no denying the Euros have put a smile on your face and we couldn't be more proud of England's performance.

Euro Champtionship Football 2021

Here, we take a look at what the Euros have taught us...


1. There's no 'i' in team


If there's one thing Gareth Southgate's boys have taught us, it's how to work as a team.

Sure you have the likes of Sterling and Kane leading the way but it's only when egos are put to bed and a full team works together that you achieve real results.

The very best teams, in business and in sport, have a very clear set of goals, which all members of the team buy into.

These are collective goals, not individual ones. In fact, a player who prioritises individual goals over team goals will weaken that team, regardless of how much talent they possess.

Within a high-performing team, everyone also understands the specific role that they have to play, and how that fits into the overall plan.


2. Good leadership goes a long way


Gareth Southgate appears to be in touch with himself, in touch with the team he has assembled, and in touch with fans of the game.

At the heart of this leadership model is his ability to demonstrate vulnerability and empathy.

This is, after all, a man who very publicly failed in front of millions, missing the critical penalty in the Euro 1996 semi-finals against Germany.

Southgate has shown that failure is something that you can learn from and improve through.

He may be dealing with young, high-profile multimillionaires, but Southgate has managed to create a strong team ethos, based around clear values that he communicates clearly to the squad and the public.


3. Analytics are critical


Keeping an eye on data, past performances, trends and analytics is the route to success.

In the Euros, clubs use analytics for team management, training, performance analysis, and recruitment.

Business managers and coaches can use predictive analytics. In football, this means using analytics to extrapolate what could happen if team formations are altered.

Coaches can then tailor training, strategy, and individuals’ roles according to data about their next opponents.

Business managers can use data in the same way to tailor their approaches to different customers, staffing levels, inventory, and more.

Once you have the data to quantifiably look back, it becomes easier to predict future challenges and see where you've gone wrong.


4. Brand awareness is never a waste


In football, you'll be forgiven for thinking clubs have more money than sense.

In actual fact, both UEFA and the teams know exactly where to place money, and spending it on marketing and brand recognition is never a waste.

Similarly for your business, greater visibility will eventually lead to greater opportunities and success.


5. Communication is key


You may not think it by looking at them but footballers possess good communication skills.

In the Euros, players encourage, direct and motivate each other through a game.

Off the pitch and in the modern world, these same players take on press conferences and social media (to name a few challenges!)

The strongest communicators are relaxed, clear, and human.

As with sport, in business, the key feature of effective communication is authenticity.

For messages to be heard and understood, the audience needs to see that you are speaking with an authentic voice.


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