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5 Signs You Are a Screen Addict

Jun 8, 2021

It's not just kids that are addicted to screens. Have you ever monitored yourself and your own screen time?

Here, Communicate Better delves into screen addiction and looks at five major signs you may be addicted to your screens.

Screen time work from home business


1. You have less interest in other activities

If you'd rather be binge-watching a Netflix series on your phone or TV than out in the sun (when it eventually decides to show up), then this should ring alarm bells.

If you're addicted to screens, you may also avoid or ignore real-life activities and avoid going to places where gadgets can’t be used.


2. You are spending more time with virtual friends than real people

Catching up on Facebook or Instagram can make you feel socially connected to others, but it cannot replace the emotional and physical benefits of being with people face-to-face.

Virtual friends are easier to manage because you can just click away when someone gets annoying. You can’t do that in real life, but online interactions are an unsatisfying substitute for the real thing.


Screen addiction


3. The quality of your work has suffered

You may begin a work project on the computer but before too long, you’re checking personal emails, looking at sports scores, and buying something you personally need on Amazon.

Technology is supposed to aid you in organisation and make you more productive, but it’s more often a snare that keeps us from getting our required work done.


4. Loss of control with your screen use

Many researchers call this “unsuccessful control,” where people have trouble stopping using devices. If you struggle to impose limits on screen time, and can’t switch off, then there might be an issue.

If you're turning to a screen when you need a “boost” of happiness, or need to use it as a comfort when you are bummed out, this could be a sign of over-dependency.


5G Busy Places


5. Screens are interfering with relationships

Are you bringing a phone to the dinner table? Are you communicating via digital methods rather than face to face? When screens interfere with family activities or replace meeting friends, then they could be problematic.

Whether it’s with family or friends, relationships of any kind should not be built around a screen. At home, a fight or argument could stem from screen usage, while phone usage could be interfering with quality friend time.


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