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LG Quits Smartphone Business: Here are LG's Most Memorable Phones

Apr 7, 2021

LG, once the third-largest mobile phone manufacturer, has officially quit the phone business.

The electronic giant has this week announced that it will no longer be making smartphones.

LG Wing smartphone

The news comes after reports confirmed a huge loss for LG in market revenue to its competitors, Apple and Samsung.

LG will now focus on electric vehicle components, robotics, artificial intelligence and other products and services.

Here, as a tribute, Communicate Better takes a look back at some of the most memorable LG phones of all time...


LG C1100 (2004)

LG C1100

Remember the LG C1100 flip phone? Cheap and cheerful yet advanced for its time.

While it didn't come with a camera and only had one game on it, the LG C1100 was a little beauty.


LG Prada (2007)

LG Prada

The LG Prada came out at the same time as the first ever iPhone.

It introduced a flash camera and the ability to record video (very advanced stuff, at the time!)

One annoying feature was the digital keypad where you had to repeatedly press the keys to get to a letter, just like you would on an old Nokia.


LG G Flex (2013)

LG G Flex

The 'G' in the LG G Flex should have been for "gimmickry" because that's exactly what this model was.

At the time, LG described it as "the most human phone ever" - a handset which featured a 'flexible' display and 'self-healing' back.


LG G5 (2015)


The edgy LG G5 came with a "split-apart design" that allowed you to insert swappable parts.

However, this idea didn't really take off as it seems that users found the idea too fiddly, and were more interested in buying new devices outright than spending money on hardware enhancements to existing products. Pretty understandable, really.


LG Wing (2020)

LG Wing phone

It seems Little Mix are wrong - wings are not always made to fly - because the LG Wing never really took off.

The LG Wing was supposed to be unlike any other smartphone the world had ever seen.

The LG Wing broke every rule of the textbook, with a big, bulky design, and far too many moving parts, at a premium price point for mid-range specs.

Yeah, we can sort of see why LG is saying goodbye to the phone industry...


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