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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Restarting Your Business After Lockdown

Apr 16, 2021

If your business has survived lockdown, you can survive anything!

Here, Communicate Better brings you our top five do’s and don’ts for restarting your business.



1. Don't feel sorry for yourself

You're not alone. Remember, we are all going through and experiencing the effects of lockdown together.


2. Don't expect to be safe

We are in unprecedented times. There's no rulebook. You may think you are safe but it's better to be prepared for the worse.


3. Don't take on debt

Be careful! This is not a time to take on debt, unless you really have to.


4. Don't try to do everything by yourself

It may not feel like it, especially if you run a small business, but there is always support available. Delegate, ask for help, ask for ideas and ask for support.


5. Don't give up

Everything you've worked for, the dreams you have and the goals you set shouldn't be abandoned, they should be strengthened.


Back to Office - COVID 19 Businesses


1. Do ask for help

It's all about give and take. Engage with other business owners in your circle and support each other by helping to figure out solutions to the challenges you're facing. You might be surprised at how much others are prepared to give.


2. Do motivate your team

Be strong for your team, work together and communicate openly and more regularly than you normally would.


3. Do focus on existing customers

Yes, it's great to get new customers through the door but it's critical you focus on the customers you already have! Take care of your customers. What help do they need? What is the number one thing you could deliver right now to help people get through this period of uncertainty? Go out of your way to help your customers solve their problems.


4. Do innovate

Never be afraid to think outside of the box, now more so than ever. Step outside of your comfort zone and you may come up with solutions or ideas no one has ever brought to the table.


5. Do stay true to who you are

It's important you remember your business' core values and stay true to who you are. Care for your customers and suppliers, care for your staff and care for each other.


We wish all business' the best of luck as they return to normality.

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