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LG’s Rollable phone set to release in 2021

Jan 12, 2021

You've heard the rumours, now see it in action. LG's Rollable phone is coming very soon and we're pretty excited about it.

LG teased its Rollable phone yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, and have now confirmed that it will be available in early 2021.

LG rollable

How does the LG Rollable phone work?

The LG Rollable has a “unique resizable screen” that extends from a phone into a small tablet display. The screen slides in and out of place to provide a bigger screen area.

In short, it starts out looking like an ordinary smartphone, but the top (when held in landscape) can extend upwards to create a small tablet. There doesn’t appear to be a visible front-facing camera, which could be because this isn’t the finished form of the device, or might perhaps mean it’s built into the screen.

lg rollable phone

How much is the LG Rollable?

There's no confirmed price tag just yet, however, an online leak has suggested the LG Rollable will cost £1,775.

There are rumours that rivals TCL and Oppo are also working on rollable handsets, which may affect the LG price considerably.

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