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EE continues to lead as Best UK 5G Mobile Network

Jan 20, 2021

EE still holds the crown as the UK's Best Performing Mobile Network.

EE has previously been known as the UK's No.1 Network for seven years in a row, and now they've done it again.

In their annual report, RootMetrics once again found EE to be the best-performing network across 16 major cities, with the BT-owned operator coming out on top in every single benchmark tested.

It was the outright winner of overall reliability, texts, speed, data, and calls and shared the accessibility award with Vodafone. Vodafone itself solidified its number two position, ahead of Three and O2.

EE is the fastest UK mobile operator

In raw speed terms, EE is the fastest network with a nationwide median download speed of 43Mbps – more than two times more rapid than Vodafone’s 21.1Mbps and more than three times the 13.9Mbps recorded by Three.

5G Fast Speed

“In the last six months we have witnessed some Herculean efforts from mobile operators to improve their 5G network speeds and availability, while also providing strong performances on 4G LTE, and all while rolling from one lockdown to the next,” said Kevin Hasley, RootMetrics CEO.

“The progress we’ve seen can only be good news for British consumers who will see improvement across the board with 5G but have the unenviable task of deciding when the right time is to invest in a 5G handset.”


“The best advice is look at the data: locally and nationally, on both 5G and 4G LTE, and across the gamut of performance, from speed to reliability to call performance and more. Users are becoming both more demanding and savvier, and we consider it vital that they’re equipped with the most up-to-date and accurate information to allow them to make informed purchasing decisions.”

The suggestion is that 4G speeds remain a more accurate indicator of network performance but the early promise of 5G will increase the average as more sites are built and upgraded.


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