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Why iPhone 12 is great for Business and the perfect Christmas buy

Dec 16, 2020

Thinking twice about upgrading to the iPhone 12 series this Christmas? Think no more! We know exactly why you SHOULD invest in the new model.

It's no secret that Apple have launched the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro mini, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max this year.

iPhone 12 for Christmas business users

In fact, the iPhone 12 series offers a broad range of new hardware-centric features that business professionals should look into.

Here's why the new iPhone series is perfect for business:


5G Connectivity

Say what you want about the iPhone 12 series; it is future ready!

For most business users, 5G connectivity is the most valuable feature because it allows them to get their critical apps running and connected to an organisation's back-end systems much faster and more reliably than on 4G LTE.


The speed of the 5G network increases throughout, but perhaps more importantly 5G reduces the device's latency by a factor of up to 10x compared to 4G LTE. This means that heavy data-centric and interactive apps, such as telehealth, AR, VR, remote video interactions and assisted intelligence can all run with minimal delay.


Speed, Speed, and more Speed...

There's no hiding from the fact the new iPhone 12 models offer faster streaming and download speeds.

A powerful A14 Bionic chip - the fastest ever chip in a smartphone - can assure business users that their new iPhone is even more responsive than previous years.

This new chip allows you to send and receive information faster than ever - even in heavily populated areas - meaning you should have no trouble managing emails, loading attachments, downloading files, using Cloud applications, and visiting websites.


Improved durability

Another reason why the iPhone 12 devices are great for business users is the Ceramic Shield technology.

Let's be honest - the last thing you want is to work from a damaged phone while interacting with your customers. Not only would that reflect badly on you, but it would also reflect poorly on your business.

iPhone 12 Pro Max for Christmas business technology

Phone damage is very common and would usually force you to buy a new replacement device.

A damaged phone would add cost to the business not only for the price of the lost device, but also for lost productivity and downtime for the user.

That's why the new Ceramic Shield technology is impressive as it can significantly reduce breakage and save you a lot of trouble!


Local processing power

The iPhone 12 line includes an Ultra Wideband (UWB) processor, which can accomplish complex tasks such as unlocking cars and triggering remote processes.

Currently, the chip's capabilities are somewhat limited due to a lack of integration with applications. However, the UWB processor has the potential to become a major security enhancement for factors such as physical presence, automatic logins and location monitoring in hostile environments.


Lots of options

Unlike previous years, this year the iPhone 12 comes with a range of choices. Not only do you have a wide selection of devices (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro mini, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max), but there are also lots of colours and specifications to consider from each range.


While this may make your decision trickier, you can't fault Apple for providing lots of options.

The iPhone 12 series comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and specs.


Ready to Upgrade?

We have unmissable deals for the iPhone 12 series.

✔ Unlimited 5G Data
✔ Unlimited Minutes
✔ Unlimited Text
✔ Exclusive smart benefits worth up to £479 (Apple TV+ and more)
✔ Lifetime Guarantee (Exclusively from EE)
✔ Free next day replacement

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