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6 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely

Nov 13, 2020

Working remotely or from home may be a dream come true for many, but for some, it's not all it's cracked up to be...

Don't get us wrong, working from home is awesome! And it's easier than ever before, thanks to smart tools that keep you connected with your business at all times.

Working from Home business tips and advice

Working from home also means you can say goodbye to your long commute, Sandra from Accounts who won't stop annoying you, and save lots of money on fuel!!

But here are some things nobody tells you about working remotely:


1. It gets lonely

In a global pandemic, we have no choice but to follow government guidelines and work from home (where possible)… But doing this full time? No, thank you!


People will often share the joys of working remotely, like not having to deal with small talk in the office... but they forget to mention the loneliness of the long-distance worker.

It's a double-edged sword - On one hand, solitude can be immensely beneficial to productivity. On the other, constant isolation can quickly become its own terrible distraction.


2. Self-directed learning becomes crucial

At home, while your boss may check up on you from time to time through tools such as Microsoft Teams, there's nobody constantly lurking over your head.

work from home office

This forces you to become more proactive in your role and even invest in new skills.

In fact, many people end up exceeding expectations whilst working from home as they go above and beyond what is required.


3. Expectations are higher

Ever feel like you have to keep proving your worth and your workload when working remotely? It's an all but common complaint from remote workers.

Working remotely is not for everyone

This is why it's important that both the employer and the employee set realistic expectations.

Just because you don’t have a morning commute anymore, does that mean you should be spending that time working?

Similarly, just because you don’t have any co-workers around you to bother you, it’s unrealistic to assume you’ll be able to work all day, every day, without any interruptions.


4. Networking is MUCH harder

If you rely on your network of contacts, for things like new job opportunities, you may be unpleasantly surprised by how difficult it can be to find new work as a remote worker.

Why Moving To The Cloud Will NOT Boost Productivity 3

It’s not even just about finding a new full-time job. Remote workers may find it more difficult to even learn of new opportunities at growing companies in their field, or which firms are worth keeping an eye on.

Even if you follow news in your industry religiously, it’s all too easy to miss updates and announcements that could lead to profitable relationships in the future.


5. Remote work is a skill

Working remotely forces you to become a more skillful communicator.

It also forces you to be more resourceful, especially if you’re working from an area with limited connectivity or network coverage.

Computer problems? You’re the IT guy now.

work from home office distractions business tech

Miss a deadline because you couldn’t find anywhere with Wi-Fi? It’s on you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

This kind of preparedness can be a desirable quality for an employer, as can the strong work ethic you need to succeed as a remote worker.

Communicating online has never been easier, but it takes skill to communicate well online.


6. Remote work is not for everyone - and that's okay

One thing that is never brought up in conversation is that working remotely is not everyone's cup of tea - and that's perfectly fine.


Some people lack the discipline it takes to focus in a distracting home environment.

Others simply can’t work without the buzz of a busy office or the casual banter of their cubicle colleagues.

Whatever the reason, not everyone is suited to remote work – and that’s okay.


But it's got to be done!

Remote work is no longer an option! Whether we like it or not, the current pandemic has forced us all to consider working from home (for the time being, anyway)

Want to find an easy way to setup your business to work from home?

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