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Working from Home: Is Your Boss Spying On You?

Jul 2, 2020

Millions of people have left their offices and are now working from home - but how safe are you?

Yes, it's great to have the flexibility to work from home during these challenging times but does it come at a cost?

In the United States, there has been a surge in demand for software that monitors employee activity.

Companies that use the software might argue that this is about maintaining productivity but others could feel the software is open to misuse.

Here, in this video, BBC Click's Lara Lewington finds out how the software works and speaks to the New York Times journalist Adam Satariano who tested monitoring software to see how it affected how he worked when others were watching.


Of course, not all technology works like this...

There are tools to help companies offer work from home options that ensure high security and increased productivity, and they aren't intrusive but also protect employees.


So how can I keep my team safe without spying on them?

Smart and trusted tools such as Horizon Collaborate and Microsoft Teams can help you stay connected with your team at all times.

They are incredibly easy to set up and allow your team to work from anywhere.


But I'm looking for one solution...

Want a solution that provides all the equipment, software and takes care of everything else?

We have just the thing - click here to find out more.


Work from Home for only £1.22 per user / per day


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