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Routing and Fleet Management Solution Helps Save 33% Fuel for TKC

Jul 1, 2020

Integrated routing and fleet management has never been more game-changing.

Leading kitchen components supplier TKC have managed to cut down their annual fuel bills by a staggering 33%.

This is thanks to WEBFLEET fleet management technology and delivery management and routing optimisation software from MaxOptra.

Being a proud WEBFLEET Gold Partner, Communicate Better delivered a fully integrated cloud-based solution to TKC and promised results.

TKC fuel savings - telematics routing and fleet management 2

TKC previously routed deliveries manually and were heavily reliant on drivers’ knowledge and their ability to avoid traffic.

Driving time paperwork was also taking up hours of administration time.

However, all that is a thing of the past as our new solution addresses all of the challenges TKC once faced.

Speaking about the new technology and the results, Andy Manktelow, TKC Transport Manager, said: "Communicate Better's combined routing and telematics solution has helped us to cut 33% off our annual fuel bill, as well as reduce environmental emissions.

"Being able to allocate drivers to the nearest job, react to order changes and customer requests as they happen and avoid traffic has pushed up our productivity.

"Our drivers are handling around 27% more jobs each day."

TKC fuel savings - telematics routing and fleet management 3

The system automatically generates ETAs for each delivery, emailing and texting customers to let them know when their components will be arriving.

Updated in real-time as the day’s schedule unfolds, this helps to reduce the number of failed deliveries and has significantly improved customer service levels.

TKC have also taken advantage of photo capture features and ‘sign on glass’ tools for customer signatures to provide electronic proof of delivery via the MaxOptra Driver App.

They also use OptiDrive 360 functionality within WEBFLEET to give drivers and managers real-time feedback and advice on key performance indicators such as harsh braking, speeding and idling, helping them to improve both driving safety and fuel efficiency.

TKC fuel savings - telematics routing and fleet management

If that's not enough, TKC can now automatically download driving time data remotely using WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager, saving on paperwork, time and effort.

Management can also see figures for remaining driving time in real time – and be notified when drivers are due to take breaks, when shifts are due to end or, significantly, when infringements have been committed.

"Our award-winning WEBFLEET.connect open API functionality has allowed Communicate Better to integrate the MaxOptra solution on to the WEBFLEET driver terminals, offering TKC the convenience of a multifunction fleet solution on the same interface for the transport and customer service departments," said Beverley Wise, Director UK & Ireland for Webfleet Solutions.

Mark Dermody, Director at Communicate Better, commented: “By understanding the challenges TKC have faced, we have been able to revolutionise their operations and the results have exceeded expectations.”

“This is an excellent example of the sum of the individual parts being greater than the whole, with each solution integrating to deliver tangible business benefits and savings for the customer," added Stuart Brunger, Business Development Director at MaxOptra.


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