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Krisp Noise Cancelling: What is it? How do I use it?

Jul 16, 2020

Say goodbye to unwanted background noise and have noise-free meetings.

Working from home? Get familiar with Krisp - it's perfect for business! Not only is it quick and easy to setup, it's also very simple to use.

Krisp Noise Cancelling App for Business

Here, Communicate Better runs through what the app is all about and how you can use it.


What is Krisp Noise Cancelling?

Krisp is an AI-powered filter that virtually eliminates background noise, making your work-from-home experience more pleasant and professional.

It's simple - you can speak without noise and listen without noise, all thanks to Krisp.

Krisp Noise Cancelling for Business

With a single button, Krisp brings peace to your meetings and allows you to focus on important discussions and work to be done.

The Krisp Noise Cancelling tool works on over 800 apps and supports any device.


How do I get Krisp Noise Cancelling?

The app comes as part of our Work from Home solution, for only £1.22 per user / per day.

The solution includes Horizon Collaborate (which comes with FREE Unlimited Calls), full equipment (such as laptop, headset, software) and dedicated 1-to-1 training and support.


How do I use Krisp?

It's pretty straightforward. Once you have the Krisp app on your device, you can simply choose the app you'd like it to pair with and then mute your microphone, speaker, or both.

krisp noise cancelling tool


I'd like to know more...

Krisp may be just the thing you're looking for! Why not speak to one our experts and see how we can help your business?

Call 0800 054 6000 or email

Or click here to find out more


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