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Working from Home? Here's 5 Things you can do to work well

Mar 19, 2020

Like many workers across the country, you may be asked or required to work from home.

While there's lots your business can do to prepare your team, the next challenge begins when you actually get working from home...

Can you stay productive from the comfort of your home? How will you keep spirit levels up?

Here are 5 ways you can ensure that it's business as usual...


1. Get dressed

Work-Life Balance

Yes, we'd all love to have a pyjama day for the rest of our lives but it's not practical, and frankly, your front room may begin to smell.

Remember to treat your working day like any other. Get up. Get washed. Get dressed.

Just like how you'd put your gym bag by the door or in the car to push you to go for a workout, sticking to a routine will really help.

You'll be amazed by how much this will affect your mental state and wellbeing throughout the day and in the long run.


2. Plan and conquer

office work from home

One key advantage you'll gain from working from home is that you won't be constantly pestered by your office buddies.

That's right, nobody is going to hover around your desk asking what you ate for tea last night or which Netflix binge you've just finished.

All that wasted time can be put to good use. Instead, set up a clear plan for the day and even list the tasks you will complete to keep on track.

When and if you do eventually return to work, you can then show all the brilliant work you've been doing whilst away.


3. Pick up the phone

work from home office

While it's great to distance yourself from the office noise, you may need the help of your colleagues from time to time.

Don't let the simple act of picking up a phone put you off. If you need someone's help, ask for it. They'll more than likely be happy to help.

Not only will speaking to another person save you time and get jobs done faster, it will massively improve your mood and help if you're feeling alone and isolated.


4. Get out and about

exercise work from home

Sure it's important to work hard but it's also vital that you take care of your health.

Don't work yourself to the ground. You'll need to get back up again in the morning - those emails won't answer themselves.

Working from home shouldn't mean you stay cooped up indoors all day. So get your shoes on, get outside and enjoy that fresh air during breaks.

Research has found that short breaks throughout the day are more beneficial than less frequent, longer breaks.


5. Establish boundaries


If you're employed by a company, you'll probably have set hours of work, and it's important to stick to these.

Be ready to start your day at the same time as you would normally arrive in your office or workplace, and finish your day at the same time.

Keep your employer happy and they should (fingers crossed!) return the favour.

Under usual circumstances, you should not be asked to work outside your normal working hours.

It's important not to overcompensate because you're anxious about working from home and keeping your boss happy. Again, you'll only drive yourself into the ground that way.


Thinking about working from home? We can help you get started! Click here to find out more.


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