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AI Technology to Help Drivers Avoid Congestion Months in Advance

Sep 2, 2019

Ever had those nightmare mornings where you've been late for work thanks to a traffic jam? Never again.

As a nation, we experience an estimated 50,000 road closures a year. However, all that could be a thing of the past.

The UK government has announced plans to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could be used to help avoid traffic jams and roadworks months in advance.

road traffic

The Department for Transport proposes to share traffic data with technology firms to help prevent future congestion.

Tech firms allowed access to the data will then be able to provide up-to-date advance warnings of traffic disruption and road closures through navigational apps using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Drivers will be recommended alternative routes - helping them save time, money and fuel emissions.

driving truck telematics vehicle cameras

This could prove to be game-changing for fleet managers and businesses that rely on fleet savings.

George Freeman, minister for the future of transport, said: “As a road user, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering roadworks and getting stuck in traffic jams.

“Today’s announcement will help open up data, reducing congestion, pollution and frustration for road users.”

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