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Top 20 Office Bugbears Revealed

Oct 16, 2018

It's true, work can be a pain sometimes. And we're *all* guilty of having a moan from time to time.

While many of us enjoy our time in the workplace (and so we should!), there's no denying that certain things can often make it unbearable and leave us dying for that 5 o'clock finish.

In a recent survey, more than a quarter of people asked admitted that the following office annoyances made them want to work remotely, while one in four expressed their desire to become their own boss just to avoid these bugbears.

1. Crashing computers

2. Slow internet

3. Office gossip

4. Workplace too cold


5. Colleagues moaning

6. Eating loudly at desk

7. Pointless meetings

8. Colleagues making you look bad

9. Workplace too hot


10. Colleagues interrupting you

11. People calling in sick when you suspect they're fine

12. People coming into work when they're contagiously ill

13. People who suck up to the boss


14. The toilets being left in a horrible state

15. Emails being ignored

16. Meetings that seem to go on forever

17. Appraisals/performance reviews

18. Stinky food

19. Messy office

20. Talking too loudly on the phone

Can you relate to any of the above? Or is your workplace a magical haven where nobody annoys each other (if so, is that place hiring?!)

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