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5 Things to Expect from 5G

Oct 30, 2018

It's no secret that networks such as EE and Vodafone are currently running trials for a 5G future.

And while we may be a while off from embracing this new wave of technology, there's plenty to rave about before the highly anticipated release.


Here, Communicate Better breaks down five things the new 5G network will shower us with...

1. Speed

A few years ago, this would have been a major screaming point, but even so we're not going to turn down the fact we'll be able to download the latest episode of The Walking Dead that little bit faster.

You can expect the new 5G to be more than 100 times the speed of your current 4G network. That's some serious speed!

Average download speeds of around 1GBps are also an exciting bonus and mean you can download a full-length HD quality film in a matter of seconds.


2. Really cool holograms

We're not kidding with this one. In September, Vodafone proudly demonstrated the UK’s first holographic call and it's impressive.


Women's England and Manchester City captain Steph Houghton appeared as a hologram in Newbury to give football tips to an 11-year-old girl while remaining at Vodafone’s Manchester office.


3. Advanced technology

Mobile tech giants have huge plans for how 5G will shape modern technology.

This includes connection to self-driving cars, smart cities, and other incredible things in the pipeline.


4. More reliable mobile connections

5G will attempt to solve network issues and deliver the best and most reliable service to date.


This means you'll be able to stay connected whilst on the move, wherever you go. That's the dream, anyway.


5. 5G-enabled devices

And finally, not to burst your bubble, but the new upgrade may require you to upgrade with it.

Existing smartphones, tablet or other devices that were released when 4G networks were the standard may not be able to connect to 5G to begin with, or may incur extra costs to do so.

However, we're expecting 5G to become the norm and new devices released from 2019 will most likely be 5G compatible.


Are you excited for 5G? Drop us your thoughts on Twitter (@CommBetter) and let us know what you're looking forward to most!

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