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5 Unwritten Rules at Work

Aug 9, 2018

Some rules are better left unsaid.

What you might find in the workplace, is that some things don't need explaining... and, for the most part, we follow a universal code of conduct.

There are certain unspoken laws in place on what's right and wrong at work. Here, Communicate Better lays out the basics...

1. Taking someone's food from the fridge


Come on, Debbie. That's not cool. You know that butter doesn't belong to you.

Sure, you might only be "borrowing" a little bit... but how would you like it if I pinched the last of your post-it notes?

2. Including the entire company in your lengthy email


We've all had that moment where we've been copied into an email chain, and we most definitely don't belong there.

While it can feel like we've walked in on an awkward conversation between two people, and sometimes be entertaining to watch the fireworks, if it's a private discussion... it should remain private.

3. Leaving your dirty dishes in the sink


As much as you may think so, nobody wants to be scraping leftover lasagne off your dirty plates.

We're not in Kansas anymore...

4. Scheduling meetings with no purpose


While you may love to play host, if there's no real reason behind a get-together, it shouldn't be happening.

5. Just generally being loud


Typing. Talking. Screaming. Singing. Laughing. No need for any of that.

As previously mentioned, we're not in Kansas anymore...

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