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5 Things the World Cup Can Teach Us About Business

Jul 10, 2018

Like Neymar's new-found acting skills on the pitch, there's a lot to take away from this year's thrilling World Cup.

At Communicate Better - along with the rest of the nation - we've been gripped by Sterling's daring run-ups, Sergio Ramos' knockout devastation, and Mo Salah's desperate attempts to lead a one-man band.

And there's certainly some wisdom to be gained from FIFA's latest offering.

Here are five things the World Cup can teach us about business:

1. People are important


A company is more than just a name and logo. In most cases, a customer invests in the team that runs the business, their values and so much more.

You should therefore know what your team is capable of.

Identify your star players, and recognise strengths and weaknesses. Everybody has their limits so it's vital you use the right people in the right place to get the best out of everybody.


2. Growth is important


You only have to look at Messi to know that not all talent can be taught.

But some skills can be passed down across a business, and your senior staff can play a big part in this. Start training key players in key areas so that you don't heavily rely on one star striker to score a winning goal.


3. Competition is all in the mind


Your biggest fight is against yourself. As a company, your biggest competitor should be your very own company.

Simply block out the competition. Do better today than you did yesterday, and you have yourself a recipe for success.


4. History makes us... but not all parts of us


It's all well and good relying on years of experience and rich history *coughs* Brazil *coughs* but you're only as good as you are today.

Sure history makes us, but it does not define us.


5. Anything is possible


Expect the unexpected. Grab every opportunity, make the most of it, and whatever the goal... bring it home!

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