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What Your Social Media Presence Says About You

May 22, 2018

Your social media profile says a lot about you. For many, it's our identity.

And in the current digital age, it's trickier and more damaging *not* to be active on the social network scene.

It can be key to landing your dream job. In fact, one third of recruiters have looked up potential candidates on social media - according to the Guardian Jobs Recruiter Survey 2015.

Here, Communicate Better runs through what to keep in mind when surfing the social wave:


Steer clear of online rants and outbursts

Tools such as Twitter allow us to share deep and immediate thoughts, and while this can be great and have a positive impact... it can also be harmful.


Writing up a fiery rant against your employer may seem like a good idea at the time and help get things off your chest, but it can hugely backfire in the long run.


Use privacy settings for the greater good

Restricting who sees what on your social profile may be a smart idea if you tend to overstep the line at times.


It's not uncommon for recruiters to dig up posts from four years ago.

And while you may not be the same person anymore or share the same thoughts as what you held in your former years... that's not how a potential employer will look at it.

They are looking up your diary, of sorts, and all activities (good and bad) sum up who you are as a person and what you will be like working for them.


Think about photos

A picture says a thousand words. One image can leave an everlasting first impression, so think before you post.


It might also be worth resisting the urge to post pictures on professional profiles such as your LinkedIn. There's a time and a place, and there are certain things your work connections do not need to see.


Try to educate

Showcase your knowledge from certain aspects of your field, offer good recommendations or endorsements, and ultimately be useful.


Build your network

Grow your inner circle - whether it be professional or personal - and take full advantage of the fact you can come across people you may not necessarily bump into out on the streets.


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