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4 Basic Things to Look for in a Phone Solution

Apr 5, 2018

Looking to update your business' current phone solution? Such a task can be daunting, especially when you're unsure on what to be looking out for.

But you don't have to be a telecoms expert to know what's right for you and your company, and the buying process can go smoothly if you keep these 4 things in mind...


1. Simplicity

Keep things simple. A system that’s easy to install – whether it be an on-site, cloud or hybrid solution – has a low impact on your IT team.

The last thing you need is to send your current systems into meltdown. Go with your instincts - take on proven and trusted technology.

There should be a seamless transfer between your existing phones and your new solution.

2. Ease of use

Think about your team who work on the front line. Yes, customer satisfaction is vital... but it's equally important to keep your staff happy.


A simple-to-manage communications system means less training time. Features such as call queuing can also result in minimal staffing requirements.

Key players should easily be able to manage both internal and external calls from wherever they may be, while the introduction of call recording can improve customer service.

3. Flexibility

Your phone solution provider should be able to offer you multiple procurement options to meet your needs.

For this to happen, it's critical that they first understand what your needs are.

4. Low total cost of ownership

Any business looks at cost when purchasing a service, this is no different.


Ask yourself... are you saving costs? Are there any installation costs? If not, there's a bonus from the off!

Is the change worth the hassle? And is the hassle worth the change?

With the right provider, you'd be surprised how easy the phone changing process can be. Speak to our dedicated team today on 0800 054 6000 and start by putting YOUR needs on the table.

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