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My Day at Google HQ

Mar 2, 2018

Google. The flowered bosom and fierce giant of the technology world. And their offices? Well, they are everything you hope they'll be, and then some...

This week, Communicate Better were exclusively invited to the Google hub as part of an event hosted by our friends at Push Group.


The grand headquarters - based in Kings Cross, London - most definitely lives up to expectation.

Google's central base for ideas and creativity is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross on one side, and the likes of YouTube and Universal Music Studios on the other.





Inside, spectacular views and tight security await. Despite special guest privileges, there's only so much CEO Sundar Pichai's leading army is willing to give away.



An exciting day - filled with informative talks on Google tips and tricks, tech trends, video, artificial intelligence, marketing and future plans - made it all worthwhile.

Words: Etasham Hussain

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