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New TomTom WEBFLEET: The Good, the Really Good, and the Crazy Good Things You Need to Know About It

Feb 6, 2018

Brace yourselves! Doors have finally opened for the new TomTom WEBFLEET, and it's set to improve driving out on the road for your fleet in a huge way!

We've been teasing the release of TomTom's slick new piece of kit, and it has finally arrived.

From managers and dispatchers in the office, to drivers out on the road, everyone can achieve more together with Communicate Better Telematics by TomTom:

  • Smart route planning – Fleet managers can now find the best route by setting up variables such as location, time of departure or arrival, traffic or vehicle type.
  • Route transmitting – Customers can now send a route planned in WEBFLEET directly to their drivers’ terminals.
  • Made to boost performance – With the right data always within sight, the New WEBFLEET can increase your customer’s overall productivity.
  • Best tools for drivers – Quickest, safest and most efficient routes, for vehicles large and small.
  • Non-stop innovation – Both drivers and customers will always benefit from the latest technology.
  • Any-screen access – As of April, also accessible from your customer’s tablet device, the New WEBFLEET takes fleet management anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about the new WEBFLEET and how you can get started. Contact our dedicated team on 0800 054 6000 or drop us a line at

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