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Quiz: How Safe is Your Business? Answer these 7 Questions to Find Out!

Jan 25, 2018

From the 25th of May 2018, it'll be time to throw out the old rule book as new GDPR laws kick in. Fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover are no joke. This is an oncoming storm you won't be able to avoid.

Expect dramatic changes as data protection guidelines reach new heights. Use Communicate Better's handy Q&A below to see where you stand.


Not heard of GDPR? Pay attention...

If you and your business are not in the know, or are not putting steps towards becoming GDPR compliant, now is the time to take action and here is why….

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new legislation to protect the personal data of EU citizens. This will include the customers in your business.

What if I'm not GDPR compliant after the 25th of May?

Fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover (whichever is highest) can be issued to non-compliant organisations.

Other facts:

  • Any business that stores ANY persons personal data (so B2B are included for HR reasons) are required to display due diligence of how they process, manage and store this data
  • Brexit does not affect this because the legislation has already been passed!
  • Principles are similar to the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) however, there will be more detailed requirements surrounding accountability & processing

So how do I become compliant?

It's better to be safe than sorry! Ensure all the processes, applications, programs and any hardware used in your business are compliant.

Speak to a dedicated expert on 0800 054 6000 today.

Put your mind at ease, and protect your business, by contacting our team at gdpr@communicatebetter.co.uk.


Disclaimer: Communicate Better - in line with our terms and conditions - cannot legally guarantee GDPR-compliance, or be held responsible for the results of this editorial piece. We strongly advise speaking to one of our specialists for more information or seeking legal advice.

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