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Green With a Splash of Purple!: Communicate Better Partners with Purple WiFi

Oct 3, 2017

They say opposites attract! In the event of mixing green and purple, we've only gone and created something magical...

The good news keeps on coming for Communicate Better. And to kick off the month, we're now proud to announce that we are official partners with Purple WiFi.

As part of our ever-growing efforts to broaden our IT services, Communicate Better now delivers sharp WiFi marketing and analytics solutions (that *will* take your breath away!) through Purple.

"We're absolutely delighted to tie the knot with Purple, who are exceptionally powerful and skilled at what they do", said Wayne Cartwright, CEO, Communicate Better.

He continued: "Our partnership with Purple signifies one of many ways that show we are pushing towards strengthening our IT solutions.

"WiFi marketing and analytics can be incredibly powerful and so we're excited to see where this new alliance is heading."

But hang on, what is Purple WiFi?

In simple terms, Purple WiFi is for businesses who want to monetise their guest WiFi - and understand their customers, all at the same time!

It's pretty neat...

WiFi seamlessly connects guests to the internet via a social media login or a form.

Businesses benefit from real time analytical insights - meaning they can collect valuable customer demographic data, information on customers behaviour within the venue, plus an array of marketing tools to send targeted customer communications.

A better understanding of your customers leads to boosted sales, improved customer satisfaction, and the best bit... it keeps them coming back for more!

Purple WiFi has currently been implemented in hotels, museums, airports, bars, restaurants, social housing, sports centres and stadiums, holiday resorts and leisure centres, as well as healthcare and the education sector.

Keen to learn more about upgrading your WiFi? Speak to our dedicated IT team today on 0800 054 6000 or email sales@communicatebetter.co.uk

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