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IMAX to Shut the Lens on 3D Films?

Jul 27, 2017

3D isn't necessarily the future - a discovery IMAX has only just come to realise, announcing that it will be taking a step back in time when it comes to its cinema viewing technology.

It's been clear for some time now that interest in 3D movies is on the decline, and so cinema-goers can look forward to "more focus on good old 2D films", IMAX has revealed.

Speaking in a recent earnings call, IMAX CEO Greg Foster spoke about the success of the 2D IMAX film 'Dunkirk' as evidence that the technology's appeal does not rest upon 3D.

As a result, IMAX has confirmed that it "looks forward to playing fewer 3-D versions of films" and "more 2-D versions".

It remains to be seen what this turn will mean for the virtual reality industry, with IMAX having recently opened a VR centre in LA and set plans to roll out the technology across the globe.

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