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4 Surprising Benefits Of A Work-Life Balance

Feb 1, 2017

Work-life balance. A phrase that is often thrown about, but nobody is entirely sure what it means and how we make it fit into today's fast-paced business world.

If as a boss you're not completely sold on the idea (and we don't blame you for being sceptical!), you may come to change your mind when you realise how offering a work-life balance to your team may completely transform your business.

Need convincing? Go ahead and familiarise yourself with these four key reasons why you need to encourage a healthy balance between work and play...

1. Better health and improved well-being

It's true what they say, a happy mind is a healthy mind. More time spent in the office may seem like a good idea at the time, but you risk running yourself into the ground, and in all honesty - the results may not be worth it.

Research suggests pushing yourself too far too fast can cause drained energy levels, increased stress, and result in more serious health issues such as respiratory or digestive problems, making you more susceptible to illness.

If we're to avoid that downward spiral, we need to spend our spare time wisely. Do something that lifts your spirits - whether that be quality time with the family, getting away from the family (more likely!), or taking up a new hobby or activity.

Do it. Grab a Kit Kat and take a break. Or just take a break, y'know, whatever.

2. Increased productivity

It's important we don't mistake 'taking a break from work' for 'doing no work'.

In fact, a work-life balance won't just benefit your personal life, you may notice that it also boosts your productivity in the office. Making room for both may see you excel in both areas.

Allowing yourself to be flexible - whether it's by working from home or collaborating with others in group brainstorm sessions - could also prove advantageous.

3. You begin to enjoy work

Now you may want to sit yourself down for this one. Experts have confirmed that this is in fact possible.

Find yourself hitting the snooze button on your alarm every morning? Forgotten what a weekend is? If so, you're approaching your job in the wrong way... and something needs to change.

There's no need for work to feel like a chore. Knowing when to switch off is often the best way to give just the right amount of time to your job, not to mention, allow yourself to actually enjoy the time you’re there.

4. You won't burn out

Think about it for a second, you wouldn't run your car 24/7 and expect that it keeps functioning at its peak.

Your car needs some time to rest. It needs to be cleaned and it needs to have maintenance done to ensure its longevity.

The stress of work should stay exactly where it belongs, at work, and not follow you outside of office hours.

Allowing work stress to infiltrate your home life is one of the primary indicators that you are not achieving a work life balance, and something needs to change.

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