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One Question Richard Branson Has For Any Entrepreneur

Nov 29, 2016

If you’re rethinking your business model or rolling out a new product/service, who better than *the* Richard Branson to guide you to success.

The multi-millionaire business tycoon - who founded Virgin Group, a growing brand that has secured more than 400 companies under its belt - has some top tips for budding entrepreneurs.

Speaking to Business Insider, Branson admitted that a business is only worth investing your time and effort in, if it benefits your audience. Sounds simple enough, right? But Branson insists it is one clear trick that many miss.

"When somebody comes to me who’s interested in starting a business, I think my first question is, 'Do you have an idea that's going to make other people's lives better?' If you do, you have a business", said Branson.

"And my second bit of advice would be, 'Screw it, just get on and do it.'" Back in May, he confessed: "I'm a great believer in just getting out there and trying. Sometimes you fall flat on your face; sometimes you succeed."

Other nuggets of advice from Branson have included that entrepreneurs need to set aside their egos and hire people who are better than they are in certain areas – and have fun at the same time.

"Surround yourself with great people”, he added. “Make sure you have a lot of fun in the process. Make sure you find time for yourself. And just get on with it."

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