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Flying Cars May Be A Thing… Very Soon: Uber Has Big Plans

Nov 2, 2016

No, you didn’t misread the headline... having a fleet of flying cars may be the next big thing for businesses, according to high-fliers Uber.

And this idea could be right around the corner, so any dreams you had from watching The Jetsons, Back to the Future or Chamber of Secrets may be fulfilled pretty soon.

Uber – who has its eyes set for the skies – has released a paper detailing the company’s plans to launch a network of electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically.

The electric aircraft, which would be quieter, cheaper and less polluting, would use autonomous technology, making it much safer by "significantly reducing operating error".

In fact, the project is off to a flying start, so far along that several third-party companies – including Slovakian brand AeroMobil – are light-testing two-seat flying prototypes.

And while there must, undoubtedly, be a number of roadblocks the companies will have to face before going live with flying cars, the plans look promising.

The project – that could launch within the next decade – is billed to enable "rapid reliable transport between suburbs and cities, and ultimately, within cities", suggests an Uber spokesperson.

However, it may not be limited to simply travel and work commutes. As a business, you could potentially cut costs, reduce emissions, protect the workforce with a safer means of travel, escape traffic and improve productivity within your fleet.

And Communicate Better could step in, and make fleet management an unimaginably simpler process.

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