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Microsoft Previews Mind-Blowing 3D Tech: From Paint to PowerPoint & More

Oct 26, 2016

You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft, they certainly know how to take your breath away.

The tech-world leaders are entering a whole new ballpark of 3D technology, after announcing a range of exciting new releases at today’s (26 October) Windows 10 event in New York.

You’ll be able to bring your ideas to life with Microsoft going all-in on 3D across all of its applications. This means 3D Paint, Word, PowerPoint, and the mind-blowing ability of 3D scanning.

3D modelling, content creation, art, you name it – Microsoft have it covered. And it’s all going live next year. All integrated with the new virtual reality technology, too, of course.

On Paint, users will be able to combine 3D creations with 2D elements like stickers or even selfies. It’ll also be easy to modify 2D elements to match them up with 3D ones to look more natural.

Meanwhile, with PowerPoint, delivering slick 3D presentations will keep audiences engaged beyond belief. Just imagine how effective 3D flowcharts and stats/figures will be for business demonstrations.

Users will be able to develop rotating 3D creations and output them to Facebook, where others can watch them spin around in awe.

Ultimately, Microsoft have teased “3d for everyone” with this upcoming release, according to host Megan Saunders.

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